Simplest self-coaching tool you'll ever need to manage your emotion

Feel like you’re always stressed or overwhelmed? emoQ™ Cards is a self-coaching tool that helps you connect to your emotion and enables you to make positive changes in your life.

What are emoQ™ Cards for?

Imagine this… “get coaching on-demand”. And this is wayyyyy cheaper than engaging a coach. While it does not replace a professional coach, it provides you with an opportunity to work through your emotions, distill them, and approach them from different perspectives. And you can do that anytime and anywhere… without the need to shell out a lot of money.


The most important person to connect with is YOU. Connecting and understanding your emotions is the first step to having a better life.


We all have the ability to heal ourselves. So take care of your emotions and thoughts so that you experience less stress and anxiety.


It's compact and portable, you can easily pack it in your bag. And you can use it anytime and anywhere.


Your mind is as important as your body. Care for it so that you are able to think, feel and act in ways that create a positive impact on your well-being

How emoQ™ Cards works?

It works like a mini-coaching session. In psychology, we know that thoughts have a direct influence on our emotions. However, most people are not trained to look at these emotions as a third party. What happens instead is that people embody and behave as though the emotion is them. The emoQ™ Cards allows for people to separate emotions and identity, thus creating that space to access the thoughts that influences the emotion. With this access, we get to ask ourselves if these thoughts are serving us. Once we shift our thoughts… we shift our emotion… we shift our experience, our actions, and our results in this world.

Step 1: SORT

Find and choose the emo(tion) card which is most relevant to how you are feeling at that moment.

Step 2: inquire

Pick a Q(uestion) card and answer it as honest as you can in relation to the emo card that you chose.

Step 3: journal

Write down or draw your answers in your journal or in the provided blank reusable cards.

Step 4: Resolve

Repeat steps until emotion is resolved or you are experiencing a different emotion from before.

Users say

I felt inferior before, and at the end I felt more hopeful and that I can make the changes to improve my life.


This is a good way to have people work on their emotions. I became more aware of the emotion that I can view it now as a third person.


The emotion became irrelevant as the action I needed to take became clear. In less than 10 minutes, I transformed from feeling like a helpless and angry person to an empowered being. Having the cards is like having a personal coach whenever and wherever I need them!


The emoQ cards are concise and purposeful in bringing my attention to the present. It took me a while to open up and to be honest with myself. But, after several tries, it helped to identify my feeling of anxiety, frustration, and fear.


This tool has proven to be extremely versatile and useful in a variety of situations. Here are a few examples:


Most frequent questions and answers

By being willing to answer the questions as honest as you can. And have that inner dialogue to challenge your current experience and discover the beliefs that influences it.

Based on user reviews and feedback, the emoQ cards showed a very high rate of effectiveness. User experience and results ranged from gaining more clarity and realizing a different perspective to feeling empowered and taking new actions.

It talks to me and ask questions like a real coach. It puts forth different perspective to look at the emotion. Like peeling an onion, it reveals the underlying thoughts. We typically only look at the surface which is only the feeling.

It helps you understand yourself in two ways (1) by understanding the wide range of emotions that you can possibly experience and (2) by asking powerful questions that you don’t normally ask yourself, you’ll see new perspectives that you never thought possible.

[Internal] Anger issues, mental health problems, stress, anxiety, mild depression, loneliness, low self-esteem; [External] relationship and communications issues,

Ideally any time you’d like to investigate or explore any emotion that you’re feeling (positive or negative). But it’s definitely very useful and very apt to use it at times when you are feeling some “negative” or disempowering emotions.

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