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Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and uncertain of what’s happening in your life? Do you feel the need to improve on different areas of your life?

Ready to allow more clarity, more choice, more freedom, quality of experience, to be supported and connected in your life. Your transformation starts the moment you choose to commit and you click that button below.

How it works

Peak-Resonance's process step one

1. Connect with Us

Talk to one of our relationship managers that will listen to your current needs and find out what specific areas of your life that will be worked on.

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2. Mapping of Program

Your relationship manager will lay out your bespoke coaching program, the outcomes that you want, and assign the coaches that fit your needs.

Peak-Resonance's process step three

3. Book & Schedule

Time to take action and schedule an appointment with your coach. This can be done with your relationship manager or by yourself.

Peak-Resonance's process step four

4. Start the program

The transformation lies in the conversations with your coaching sessions, online courses, and group coaching. Everything's setup for your success.

Our Featured Coaches

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Career Coach
Desmond helps professionals and individuals who experience career disillusion to refocus, realign and reignite their Career and Life purpose. He believes that everyone can gain the excitement and zest heading into every single day and that comes from deep within each of us! Desmond plays badminton, loves coffee and watches korean drama and variety programs.
coach rachel khoo corporate picture


Senior Finance Coach
Rachel has 20 years of corporate, banking and leadership experience. She's also a Certified Coach & Psychotherapist with more than 125 hours of training and 900+ coaching hours, she now holds a PCC certification from ICF. She specializes in finance coaching, focusing on building a healthy relationship and removing limiting beliefs with money. In her free time, she volunteers and contributes back to personal development programs that she believes in.
coach jovan medrano corporate picture


Life Design Coach
Jovan believes that anyone can design their lives exactly the way they want. And as the lead trainer and coach for Peak Resonance, he believes he can effectively help someone to achieve that. He's certified in NLP as a master practitioner, trainer and consultant. He's also a very active person and likes playing tennis. He also loves cafe hopping and trying out different types of coffee.

Why Peak Resonance

Peak Resonance’s professional coaching services are 100% private, affordable and high quality

We offer the following benefits:

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From time to time, all of us experience health issues, major life changes, complicated relationships or career setbacks. Let us hear you out.